Fypon WCH85X9T 85W x 90 1/2OW x 9H x 1 3/8P Crosshead with Trim Strip

Fypon WCH85X9T 85'W x 90 1/2'OW x 9'H x 1 3/8'P Crosshead with Trim Strip: Home Improvement. Fypon WCH85X9T 85"W x 90 1/2"OW x 9"H x 1 3/8"P Crosshead with Trim Strip: Home Improvement. Eye-catching Style for your door or windows 。 Lightweight and easy to install 。 Low maintenance product 。 An answer for both indoor and outdoor applications 。 Optional trim to add further depth and personality 。 When making plans for design improvements to the home or office, one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to increase visual appeal and value is to add Crossheads to your doorways and windows. Whether you're working with indoor or outdoor applications, Crossheads are an excellent design improvement to the outer casings of doorways and windows. Often used in tandem with other architectural trim items like Pilasters, Crossheads provide outstanding visual improvement without spending a lot of money. Crossheads are used by contractors, home Owners, and home improvement specialists to add strength, character and impressive artistic design features to both the exterior and interior of your home. Architectural depot's Crossheads are made of a highly dense foam product called Urethane. Urethane has the same basic feel of Pine wood without having to deal with the typical weathering issues of a wood product. They are water proof and unappealing to insects and will not expand or contract with fluctuating temperatures so they will not crack your paint. This makes our Crossheads ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Architectural depot's Crossheads come in a variety of sizes and are easy for anyone to install. They can be trimmed with common woodworking tools and installed with simple construction adhesives and wood applicable hardware. Are you tired of staring at your plain, straightforward doorways and window casings to add some style and flair to your home without blowing out your entire budget then architectural depot's Crossheads are the perfect fit for your home improvement needs. 。 。 。

Fypon WCH85X9T 85W x 90 1//2OW x 9H x 1 3//8P Crosshead with Trim Strip